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CAP NATS Student Scholarship Fund


We’re thrilled to be creating a scholarship to support the travel costs for CAP NATS students
who are selected to participate in the National Student Auditions. Help us change lives for
students in the CAP region, every gift uplifts a voice!


We in the CAP region are small in number, but mighty in heart and voice (and land mass)!
During the last NATS National Student Auditions at San Diego University in CA (July 2023), we
celebrated participant Erin Lee from Memorial University in NFLD and her teacher, CAP NATS
member Jane Leibel. Erin was awarded the inaugural Roberta M. Stephen Memorial Scholarship
for an outstanding performance of a Canadian art song in the college-age categories, in honor
of the founder of the first Canadian NATS chapter. We want to continue to celebrate these
successes for our CAP voice community. Help us help our students and our teachers to
continue on these pathways to success!

At CAP NATS we believe that the Student Auditions are an extraordinary educational tool that
accelerates students towards their aspirations. The Student Auditions give students a unique
opportunity to perform, help students deepen their engagement with their art, and build a
supportive community around performers and teachers.

In essence, the auditions consist of students performing for a panel of adjudicators who provide
both encouragement and constructive feedback to help students improve their singing.
However, the NATS Student Auditions are so much more than that. They are a celebration of
vocal art!

With more than 7,000 members, the National Association of Teachers of Singing is the largest
and most influential association of voice teachers in the world. Its crown jewel, the Student
Auditions Program, began in 1952 and is the largest series of student voice auditions in the
United States and Canada.

Who is your favorite singer? How many times has their voice lifted you up? How sad would it be
if that person had never performed because they could not afford the cost of pursuing their

We realise that the costs for participating in the NATS National Student Auditions are
prohibitive for many students. Along with our NATS community, we at CAP are committed to
building a robust scholarship program to support student participation in the NATS Student
Auditions at the national level.

We receive your gift with gratitude and thanks.

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