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A Virtual Singing Festival
January 22-29, 2023

CAP NATS STudent Auditions.png

CAP NATS is delighted to hold our very own Student Auditions this year! This virtual festival features classes in classical singing, musical theatre, and commercial music (i.e. pop, jazz, folk... anything not covered by classical music or music theatre) for a variety of ages! Video submissions are accepted January 22-29, 2023.

There are classes for folks ages 8-30, and we hope your students will participate. Students submit videos according to our video submission guide. Videos are adjudicated by voice teachers and performers familiar with the genre. Students receive feedback and suggestions from the adjudicators to help them in their singing adventures. Each class has competitive and non-competitive options.

Got questions? Check out the dropdown menu above (just put the cursor over "Student Auditions 2023" and you'll see it) for our video submission guide and individual pages for each category featuring rubrics, class lists, and more!

You can also email us by clicking the button below.

Student Auditions 2023: News
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